Fuck the Fraternity

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I went to community college and lived with my parents and worked. I never had the crazy college partying experience. When I visit sites like HazeHim.com, I start feeling sorry for myself and all the things I may have missed out on. Then again, there really aren’t a lot of sites like Haze Him out there.

This reality porn site is supposed to be videos of real fraternity hazings. They all involve college boys being stripped naked and humiliated. Large groups of young guys getting drunk, partying, and fucking make up the wild action that you will be able to witness once you join.

This HazeHim.com discount for 74% off yearly memberships gives you lots of desperate young dudes to fap to. Watch as they suck cock, play risky games together, and take load after load of cum to the face.

These boys are treated like toys to use and abuse. No one cares about their feelings. They only want to feel how tight their assholes are. If they get accepted, they can be the ones doing it to new recruits next year.

Hot Guys Working Czech Cocks

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there’s anything hotter than witnessing a straight mans first gay sexual experience. Especially when he’s not doing it out of curiosity or lust, but as a means to an end. If you like gay for pay porn, then you should use thsi 73% off discount to Bigstr and watch nothing but the best.

With your membership, you’ll gain full access to Debt Dandy, Czech Hunters, and Dirty Scout. The guys featured at these sites are so hot you’ll be rock hard and drooling in anticipation. Debt Dandy showcases sexy studs that dig themselves financial holes and are desperate for a way out. Luckily they’re offered the chance to earn some quick cash in exchange for sexual favors. Dirty Scout stars a horny guy that’s been working in HR so long that he decides it would be nice to combine his love for sexy men and their need to make money. Czech Hunters is your typical pick-up porn in the city of Prague.


Are Broke Guys Still Straight

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If you aren’t familiar with Czech Hunter, then you’re about to be in for a real treat. This site is all about these three guys that decided it would be fun to find broke straight guys and see if they can get them to turn gay for pay. When I first heard of this, I thought there’s no way anyone would suck a dick, or take a rock hard cock up the ass, unless they were gay, or bisexual maybe, but not just because they needed money.

Well, I was very wrong, and right now you can get $15 off Czech Hunter with our discount, and see all the hot action. There are some guys that hesitate and will only agree to go so far, but then there are others that will do whatever is necessary to get that cold hard cash. Viewers will find messy blowjobs and balls deep penetration here, so no matter what you’re into, they’ve got you covered. Members also get to enjoy full access to two other sites as well.

It’s Hammer Time

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If you’re looking for the hottest gay porn available online, then you’re in the right place. East Boys is my go-to site for the sexiest guys with the biggest cocks and insatiable sexual appetites. When I found out I could save up to 41% on East Boys with our discount; I couldn’t sign up fast enough. This site is a deal even without the discount. I’ve visited hundreds of gay porn sites over the years, and I’ve never seen anything like the material found here.

They understand just how important it is to have the sexiest men available and that’s where they focus their budget. They’re the reason we’re watching, after all. With over 980 of the hottest guys you’ve ever seen, there’s sure to be someone for everyone. All of the hardcore content is 100% exclusive to East Boys, so you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. And with regular weekly updates, there’s always fresh new material to drool over.


Want A Hot Gay BF?

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I know it’s hard to believe it when someone says their site has the hottest amateur gay porn, but Amateur BF Videos truly has the hottest amateur gay porn. You’ll see them getting dirty and sucking each other’s rock hard cocks, not to mention all the hardcore butt-fucking like you know you love to watch. And you can take advantage of this $25 discount to Amateur BF Videos just by clicking this link when you sign up.

As a member, you’ll get to jack off to more than 1,200 videos and 1,500 picture sets. That’s a big deal to pervs like me because I like looking at nasty photos in public on my phone. It makes me feel like I’m being naughty. What if people see what I’m looking at? Maybe they’ll get turned on too, or maybe they’ll just think I’m a dirty boy.

I also got a ton of bonus sites when I signed up, like Bear BF Videos, Hot BF Videos, Hung BF Videos, BDSM BF Videos, and a lot more! Hurry and get this deal before it’s gone.

These Hunks Will Make You Cum Harder

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We all know that gay porn is the hottest porn there is. Why else would so many straight guys be willing to be gay porn stars? Enough good dicking will make anyone switch teams. But not all porn is created equal. Some sites just make me dribble out a pathetic little stream of jizz. I want something that will make me rock hard and cum full throttle.

Well, I’m one lucky dude because I found WilliamHiggins.com. That name might sound familiar to you if you’re into the classic gay porn days with cowboys and mustaches. But they’ve updated their content to fit the times. So many hot hunks having gay fuck sessions, stroking their cocks for the camera, and posing for nude shots. It’s enough to make you forget about every pussy out there. Straight sex is so last decade.

You’ll love browsing through their archive of over 3,600 videos, with unlimited downloads for your convenience. To get you started, here’s a link for $9.95 off your first month with a William Higgins discount.


Plucked From My Dreams

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Titan Men is the premiere site for gay porn. If you’ve spent any amount of time searching the web for gay porn, then you know what’s out there. This site is so far above those that they aren’t even comparable. This site has the best quality by far. The guys are like gods. Their bodies perfectly chiseled. Their cocks the size of baseball bats. The actual videos themselves are done with the best technology available. Shot after shot is crystal clear giving you the best possible view.

Right now you can take advantage of this Titan Men discount for up to 75% off here. Watch as these guys prove their passion for sex. Each scenario is hotter than the last. Whether you like endearing caresses or hardcore fucking you’re sure to find it here. There’s plenty of cock sucking and ass fucking to get you rock hard. This is sure to be your new favorite site that you tell all your friends about. So get your lube ready and have a great time.

Masked Men Enjoy Gay Encounters

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I’m pretty sure that we have all rolled our eyes at super heroes hiding their identities. Whether it’s an eye mask, or simply taking off a pair of glasses and putting on a cape, we can easily tell it’s them. It doesn’t matter though. Just suspend belief and go along with it, so you don’t miss out on the fun.

That’s how I felt with some of the less than stellar attempts to conceal identities inside of Maskurbate. Of course, I was far more interested in looking at the chiseled bodies and uncut cocks than I was at looking at anyone’s face. The men are gorgeous whether I can see their eyebrows or not!

Maskurbate is the brainchild of a French Canadian man named Pascal. He first got the idea after meeting a man through a dating website who agreed to allowing their sexual encounters be filmed, but only if his face was never shown. Pascal found many men would agree to porn if they could keep their face from being seen, including straight guys who were gay curious.

Now you can get $20 off instantly with a Maskurbate discount and watch masked men fucking each other intimately on film.

Fuck Men in Virtual Reality

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Do you own a VR headset yet? If not, you should get one and start indulging in virtual reality porn right away. It’s an experience that every person owes it to themselves to have.

When you use this Virtual Gay discount for 65% off, you can opt to receive a free Cardboard headset. It’s among the most basic, but so long as you have a good smartphone to use with it, the porn delivery is going to be top notch. You can splurge for fancier later.

Although you don’t actually teleport into a scene, it will feel as close as possible to it. The highly immersive environment is achieved through stunning 5K quality, 3D filming, binaural sound, and 180 degree viewing with smooth head tracking. Look around the room and directly at the object of your lust.

Many of the scenes are shot point-of-view style, so it feels like you are the one getting fucked or doing the fucking. Others are shot with more of a voyeur feel, as though you are in the room watching a stud jerking off, or a group of guys fucking.

Porn discounts like this one can’t last forever, so get in on it while you still can.

The Secret Gay Rituals of Mormons

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Mormon Boyz is a really unique gay porn site. It’s taboo, sacrilegious, and deliciously sinful. It is also cheap to get a membership so long as you go through the deal that mormon boyz discount for 67% off is currently running.

A lot of thought and care has been put into the creation of the site and it’s content. Everything is meant to feel like you are being given admittance into a very secret society where young Mormon boys are initiated by Elders and their throbbing cocks.

The missionaries are portrayed as innocent and wholesome. They must all undergo ordination by insemination. The boys must all be obedient to the authority of the priesthood.

All the young men must stay well groomed, healthy, and fit. They must dress in suits and white shirts while also wearing the special Mormon undergarments. If they don’t, their elders will know because they undress them and then they fuck them.

This is a site that you will want to spend a fair bit of time on, not just watching the quality scenes, but also reading the detailed descriptions and very well though out about page.