Masked Men Enjoy Gay Encounters

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I’m pretty sure that we have all rolled our eyes at super heroes hiding their identities. Whether it’s an eye mask, or simply taking off a pair of glasses and putting on a cape, we can easily tell it’s them. It doesn’t matter though. Just suspend belief and go along with it, so you don’t miss out on the fun.

That’s how I felt with some of the less than stellar attempts to conceal identities inside of Maskurbate. Of course, I was far more interested in looking at the chiseled bodies and uncut cocks than I was at looking at anyone’s face. The men are gorgeous whether I can see their eyebrows or not!

Maskurbate is the brainchild of a French Canadian man named Pascal. He first got the idea after meeting a man through a dating website who agreed to allowing their sexual encounters be filmed, but only if his face was never shown. Pascal found many men would agree to porn if they could keep their face from being seen, including straight guys who were gay curious.

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