Fuck Men in Virtual Reality

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Do you own a VR headset yet? If not, you should get one and start indulging in virtual reality porn right away. It’s an experience that every person owes it to themselves to have.

When you use this Virtual Gay discount for 65% off, you can opt to receive a free Cardboard headset. It’s among the most basic, but so long as you have a good smartphone to use with it, the porn delivery is going to be top notch. You can splurge for fancier later.

Although you don’t actually teleport into a scene, it will feel as close as possible to it. The highly immersive environment is achieved through stunning 5K quality, 3D filming, binaural sound, and 180 degree viewing with smooth head tracking. Look around the room and directly at the object of your lust.

Many of the scenes are shot point-of-view style, so it feels like you are the one getting fucked or doing the fucking. Others are shot with more of a voyeur feel, as though you are in the room watching a stud jerking off, or a group of guys fucking.

Porn discounts like this one can’t last forever, so get in on it while you still can.