Missionaries Obey Elder Desires

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With as much porn as I consume on a regular basis, it’s pretty amazing how much delight I can still take in dumb dirty jokes and inappropriate puns and innuendo. You would think all of that would be old news to me by now, and yet it is not.

Take my recent need to purchase a weed trimmer as an example. After a long discussion with a friend of mine over whether they should be called trimmers or whackers, and after that led to it’s own highly immature turn of discussion, I got on Amazon to read reviews on different ones. I then saw a review for a Greenworks model, titled “Does Not Need a Ding-a-ling to Operate” and immediately busted out in laughter and messaged the link to my buddy.

After a good laugh and ordering the trimmer, I decided my own ding-a-ling very much needed to be operated. I headed over to porn-discounts.com to see if there were any new offers of interest. I hit the jackpot when I found this offer to save up to 68% with a Missionary Boys discount.

Wholesome young Mormans are initiated into a sex cult and made to submit to the desires of their elders and take in their holy seed. It goes deep into the Mormon fantasy and provides lots of detail in the descriptions as well as in the quality gay porn action.