The Secret Gay Rituals of Mormons

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Mormon Boyz is a really unique gay porn site. It’s taboo, sacrilegious, and deliciously sinful. It is also cheap to get a membership so long as you go through the deal that mormon boyz discount for 67% off is currently running.

A lot of thought and care has been put into the creation of the site and it’s content. Everything is meant to feel like you are being given admittance into a very secret society where young Mormon boys are initiated by Elders and their throbbing cocks.

The missionaries are portrayed as innocent and wholesome. They must all undergo ordination by insemination. The boys must all be obedient to the authority of the priesthood.

All the young men must stay well groomed, healthy, and fit. They must dress in suits and white shirts while also wearing the special Mormon undergarments. If they don’t, their elders will know because they undress them and then they fuck them.

This is a site that you will want to spend a fair bit of time on, not just watching the quality scenes, but also reading the detailed descriptions and very well though out about page.